Gate Automation in Cobham | 3 Key Things to Consider Before Getting Electric Gates

Here at Harrier Gates, we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We recognise that making the switch to electric gates involves a process that requires answers to multiple questions, something we’re always happy to provide. As gate automation specialists with over 24 years of combined trade and industry experience, as well as Gate Safe accreditation, we ensure our customers have complete confidence in their project before moving forward. When you choose us for your driveway gates, be they metallic or wooden gates, our personnel offer faultless service from start to finish, including any gate repairs in the future.

This dedicated service starts from the very outset. In order to get your gate automation project in Cobham off to a smooth start, we have taken a closer look below at some of the things you must consider before making the switch to electric gates.

1. How Will You Use Your Driveway Gates?
When assessing options for electric gates, you must consider how much use they will receive on a daily basis. For example, a private residential home may only use their wooden gates in the morning and evening when heading out to work and/or on the school run. In contrast, electric gates controlling access to a commercial or industrial property will see far more usage. This usage dictates the type of material used for the gates as well as the strength of the motor operating them. Naturally, getting this process right drastically reduces the need for gate repairs.

2. How Much Space Do You Have?
From swing styles to bi-fold designs, your driveway gates need room to move in order to operate safely. The available space at your Cobham property has a huge say in which designs will work. Swing gates open through an arc equal to each individual gate’s width while sliding gates require space longer than their length to slide into. These gate automation options work perfectly for those with the space, but for those with tighter dimensions, bi-fold options make a great selection. Due to their folding action, they require approximately half the space needed for swing gates to travel through.

3. What Designs Do You Like?
As a specialist in gate automation and gate repairs, we understand the practical appeal of electric gates. However, we also appreciate the importance our Cobham customers place on the aesthetic value of their driveway gates too. As such, we combine optimal security with a stunning appearance for the best of both worlds. Wooden gates make an ideal fit for a rustic, traditional look but work just as well in contemporary designs. Most wooden gates come in a close-board structure with no gaps. Common alternatives include iron, steel and aluminium. These sometimes feel ‘colder’ when compared with the warmth of wood, but they have the potential for exclusive, ornate designs.

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