Gate Automation in Oxshott | Which Style is Right for Your Property?

Electric gates are a great addition to domestic and commercial properties, increasing security and visual appeal, among other benefits. To get the most from gate automation systems, it is important to choose the right style for your needs. Driveway gates come in a variety of design options, including sliding and wooden gates. The most suitable style for your property in Oxshott will depend on a number of factors, which we discuss below.


As well as installation services, we provide high-quality gate repairs to keep systems in perfect condition, so maintenance requirements are no need for customers to be put off from investing in electric gates.


If you are wondering how to make the right choice for your property, here are some key points to consider:




 The amount of space available is vital in determining the most suitable driveway gates for each project. The width of the space which your gate needs to cover, dictates a number of features, such as style and material.


Larger and heavier gates need stronger automation equipment to ensure installations meet requirements. Regular servicing from our experienced team in Oxshott is the best way to keep gates in top condition. If necessary, we carry out professional gate repairs.




Supplying and installing both swinging and sliding gate automation systems in a range of materials, including wooden gates, we have the ideal style for every property.


Sliding Electric Gates – Where space is limited, customers benefit from sliding styles, as do properties in high-traffic areas. Sliding gates are a popular choice for commercial applications because they maximise space whilst ensuring easy access for vehicles of all sizes.


An important factor to consider is that you will need enough space for the sliding part of the gate, generally affixed to an adjacent wall, whilst allowing a big enough gap for vehicles to pass through.


Swing Gates – In the same way as traditional gates, these swing either inwards towards your property or, less commonly, outwards. The main requirement for driveway gates in this style, is that there is enough room for them to open without causing an obstruction or safety risk.


Swing gates offer a more traditional feel, making them popular with homeowners and commercial customers.


Whichever style you choose, we offer professional gate repairs and maintenance to ensure customers in Cranleigh and Oxshott continue to enjoy the benefits of their gates.




Although the practical elements of electric gates are hugely important in determining the best option for your property, design aspects are also an important consideration.


You want your new gate automation system to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your property for maximum effect. With a variety of designs available, including galvanised steel and wooden gates, we find the perfect solution for your home or business.


For further advice and information about the best gate automation systems for properties in Oxshott and the surrounding areas, call 01483 379 954.

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