What to Think About When Planning Brick Pillars in Cobham

The pillars or posts which your gate attaches to are vital for gate strength, operation and safety. However, as with any property improvement or building project, it is important to plan the design and installation of brick pillars carefully. This ensures the highest quality results, long-lasting brickwork and a look you love. When you choose Harrier Gates Ltd for brick posts in Cobham and the surrounding areas, you enjoy the guidance of experienced professionals.

We want our customers to be equipped with all the information they need, which is why we have produced this guide. Here, we explain key factors to consider when planning the construction or replacement of gate posts.

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Condition of Existing Pillars

If you already have pillars or posts in place, it is advisable to assess their condition before replacing them. This could help you avoid unnecessary costs. Over time, weather can cause brickwork to crack or crumble, and wooden posts can rot, leading to a loss of strength. These issues, among others, will require the construction of new brick pillars or posts.

Other problems can stem from:

However, if your gate posts in Cobham are in good condition, it is not always necessary to replace them when installing a new gate. Despite this, you may still wish to replace old pillars or posts to update their design.

Property and Gate Style

At Harrier Gates Ltd, we offer a wide selection of brick and cap options for brick posts, as well as all kinds of automated and electric gates. This, along with our advanced skillset, allows us to create brick pillars which complement homes, commercial properties and gates.

For a seamless, enhancing finish, it is important to consider the style of your property and gate when designing new pillars/posts. Opting for styles and colours which match or balance those of other features will achieve a stunning result which boosts kerb appeal.

For example:


Property owners in the Cobham area may be tempted to construct brick posts themselves, but it requires trained hands to achieve strong, hard-wearing brickwork which supports the weight of the gate. Building brick pillars and posts requires the right materials, tools and methods, as well as a thorough understanding of foundation and support requirements. 

Our team digs to calculated depths, ensures foundations are the correct thickness for the specifications of the structure and delivers the desired finish to an expert standard.

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