Brick Posts in Cranleigh | Material and Design Options

Brick pillars and posts make a stylish finishing touch to any driveway or property entrance. However, for optimal results you need the right materials and design. This is where Harrier Gates Ltd can help. We construct brick posts and pillars using a range of quality materials to suit each property and the preferences of every client. Offering traditional to modern styles, and the option to match brickwork to the existing property, we deliver ideal results for every customer in Cranleigh and the surrounding areas.

On this page, we highlight some of the material and design options available to you when you choose our skilled team for your project. Don’t forget, our services cover the full supply and installation of wooden and metal gates, including security gates, so we are the only company you need to create your dream entrance.


When you think of bricks, you probably picture red rectangular blocks with straight edges. However, bricks come in a vast range of colours, shapes, sizes and finishes. As such, Harrier Gates in Cranleigh can work with you to design and create brick pillars in your desired look, no matter what that may be.

In addition to standard modern brickwork, the following are some popular options:

Reclaimed Bricks

These are bricks which have been rescued from old buildings and demolition projects. After cleaning up, they are ready to be used in new building projects. Reclaimed bricks have worn and irregular edges and may have remnants of mortar from previous use. In addition, many have fine creases, characteristic folds and colour variations. This gives reclaimed bricks a sought-after charm which is ideal for rustic and traditional properties.

Rendered Bricks

After building brick posts and pillars in Cranleigh, we can coat them in render. Render is a plastered finish for external walls and brickwork. It protects bricks from erosion and cracking and results in a neat, smooth surface. Render comes in different colours, with white, grey and yellow cream being some of the most common colours. You also have the option to paint render.


Stone is an effective alternative to traditional bricks. Stone is a strong, natural material which is perfect for creating a rustic and traditional finish. However, the right colours and cuts can also work well on contemporary properties in the Cranleigh area.

Pier Caps

Pier caps are the stones which cap brick pillars and brick posts. As well as protecting the pillar from weather damage, they provide an attractive finish to your driveway or property entrance. Caps can be the final finish or act as a base for a ball finial, light or other feature.

Harrier Gates Ltd supplies and fits pier caps in a range of styles, sizes and colours, including:

• Plain
• Moulded
• Victorian Style
• Edwardian Style
• Standard Apex
• Flat Top
• Fluted
• Modern Minimalist Designs

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