Brick Posts in Guildford | Why Brick is Better Than Wood

Many property entrances make use of wooden posts, which the gate is attached to. While wood is a common choice, it has a shorter lifespan, requires more maintenance and is not very customisable. On the other hand, brick pillars and posts offer a range of benefits and give you the most for your money. We go into these advantages below, giving you a clear idea of why Harrier Gates Ltd recommends brick for all new gate pillars in Guildford and the surrounding areas.

Our skilled contractors build brick posts to individual specifications, giving every customer their desired look as well as superior strength and longevity. Read on to find out why brick is the right choice for your project.

Durability and Maintenance

Quite simply, brick lasts longer than wood. Wooden posts have a lifespan of around 15-20 years, if properly cared for, whereas brick options last for a lifetime. The key reason behind this is that wood is more susceptible to the elements and can rot. Brick is much more resistant, especially when coated in protective render. Insects, pests and mould can also damage wood.

Another benefit of choosing brick for your pillars in Guildford is that they will have less maintenance needs than wood. You do not have to worry about treating brick posts or trying to prevent rot and other issues. For the most part, brickwork looks after itself. It may need periodic cleaning to keep it looking its best, and overtime you may find minor repairs are necessary, but that is generally it.


If you are trying to reduce your impact on the environment, brick is an excellent choice. When brick pillars eventually need replacing, the bricks can be recycled and reused in other building projects. You also have the option to choose reclaimed bricks for your pillars/posts.

By opting for recycled materials, our clients in the Guildford area help reduce demand for new products. With no need for manufacturing and less transportation, reclaimed bricks minimise your carbon footprint.

Look and Customisation

Although wooden posts can look beautiful, they are very limited in terms of styles and customisation options. However, with brick posts, you have a wide range of products and design options to choose from, allowing you to really personalise the final look.

Harrier Gates Ltd can create everything from traditional to modern styles and can even match brick pillars to your home or commercial property in Guildford. We also make sure pillars/posts complement your gate and can even provide new gate installation services at the same time. Please see our previous work for an idea of what we do.

We are adept at working with standard, reclaimed and stone bricks, and offer professional rendering services. In addition, we supply and install pier caps in various designs.

Call Harrier Gates today on 01483 379 954 for the construction of brick posts in Guildford and surrounds.