Gate Automation in Claygate | Safety Guidance for Users of Automated Driveway Gates

Did you know that companies like Harrier Gates Ltd install an estimated 300,000 automated gates across the UK every year? From driveway gates for residential properties to automated wooden gates for schools and nurseries, it is likely that there are currently at least 3 million gates in operation throughout the country. Alarmingly, recent surveys reveal that over 90% of electric gates are actually unsafe and in need of gate repairs and maintenance.

If you own a gate automation system, whether at your Claygate home or a commercial premises, you have a duty of care to perform regular maintenance and safety checks. This helps to reduce the risk of property damage and personal injury to yourself and others.

And yet many people in the region ignore this requirement and only enquire about professional gate repairs when theirs stops working.

From residential driveway gates in Claygate to industrial gates in the neighbouring areas, bollards, barriers and gate automation solutions pose a health and safety risk without the proper care and maintenance. In fact, the industry estimates that over 66% of all automated gates do not even comply with the current legislation.

Thanks to our expertise in the installation and repair of electric gates, including metal and wooden gates, we have unmatched expertise on the proper safety standards of automated gate systems.

Harrier Gates installs gate automation systems in all sectors. As such, we have a proven track record for installing security gates, barriers and bollards at commercial and industrial premises.

You can utilise these as standalone features or as part of a system. For example, it’s common to find security barriers paired with electric gates for an extra level of security. Likewise, you can install bollards a short distance away from a barrier to protect against ram-raiding incidents.

Our team has the experience and know-how to adapt to your exact needs. We understand that you don’t want to compromise on security, and with Harrier Gates, you’ll never have to.

Safety Requirements for Gate Automation Systems

As a Gate Safe-accredited company, we understand that automated gates must:

• Include a separate pedestrian access gate and, if necessary, a pedestrian guard rail. While the guard rail is not necessary for driveway gates in homes around Claygate, they may be a requirement for commercial and industrial properties
• Comply with the current EU Machinery Directive 98/37/EC. They must also have a CE mark to show that they are subject to a European product safety Directive. While electric gates in the Claygate area without the CE mark may be safe, they are not legal. Gate automation products like electric wooden gates must also have a Declaration of Conformity
• Have support from at least two kinds of safety features. These typically include photo cells, safety edges and force limitation. To ensure the highest level of safety, we recommend including safety edges and photo cells regardless of whether or not you have installed a force limitation device with your automated gate system
• Undergo regular maintenance at least every six months and, if necessary, extensive gate repairs. This is the most effective way to ensure safety compliance
• Feature the appropriate signage to warn visitors of your automated gate

At Harrier Gates, we perform a comprehensive risk assessment on all existing gate automation systems, such as driveway gates and electric wooden gates.

Our expert personnel are more than happy to come to your home in the Claygate area to perform safety checks, maintenance works and gate repairs. This will help to ensure that your electric gates comply with the strictest safety standards.

After all, it is not always immediately obvious to the untrained eye that an automated gate is unsafe.

Furthermore, as a sign of our commitment to gate safety, we offer a 12-month guarantee on all newly installed parts and labour, for your peace of mind.

If you are looking for a professional gate automation company you can rely on, look no further than Harrier Gates Ltd. We have the experience, knowledge and personnel to handle any job, small or big.

With a range security gates, barriers and bollards to choose from, we can find the perfect fit for your environment. We recognise that you may not want a large gate dominating a residential or historical area.

If you don’t need a physical deterrent, security barriers provide a sleek, unobtrusive alternative. Needless to say, they operate much more quickly than gates too, allowing traffic to flow faster.

Retractable bollards make for a far more discreet solution that offers outstanding protection. This feature focuses more on preventing unauthorised vehicular access than managing traffic flow. When raised, they offer low-level protection that isn’t overbearing. When lowered, they sit flush with the ground. As such, they are a popular way to secure and protect town centres and historical settings.

Call us on 01483 379 954 for gate repairs, maintenance works and safety checks on driveway gates, electric gates, wooden gates and all manner of gate automation solutions around Claygate.