Electric Gates in Cranleigh | From Wooden Gates to Security Barriers | FAQ

At Harrier Gates Ltd, we take great pride in the reputation we have earned for outstanding services and results in the gate automation industry. We specialise in electric gates. This covers bespoke residential wooden gates, commercial property driveway gates in a range of metals, and everything in between. In addition to new installations, we also provide gate repairs and servicing on existing automated systems. Quite simply, Harrier Gates offers clients in Cranleigh the complete package.

As our varied client list continues to grow through word-of-mouth and recommendations, we receive an increasing number of queries regarding our services. For your convenience, we have answered some of the more frequent questions below.

Do you own a commercial or industrial property? Are you looking to improve access control and all-round site security? Harrier Gates supplies and fits various features designed to keep your premises and personnel protected.

• Security Gates – Robust, imposing gates blocking key access points provide unmatched results when it comes to keeping properties and premises secure. With access control solutions tailored to your needs, you can monitor and log every vehicle that passes through your gate.

• Security Barriers and Bollards – Barriers and bollards still control access at entrances to properties and car parks, but they do so without impeding the free flow of pedestrians. The emphasis with these features is controlling vehicular access, denying entry to anyone who doesn’t have the appropriate credentials.

Our Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based?
Harrier Gates is based in Cranleigh, but we undertake work on electric gates and gate automation systems, including gate repairs, throughout the wider Surrey area.

Do you have any industry-leading credentials?
Absolutely. We are a Gate Safe-approved company. When it comes to bespoke wooden gates or driveway gates of any kind, you can be sure that they meet the highest safety standards.

How much industry experience do you have?
Our Cranleigh-based team shares 24 years of experience in the automation trade, from new installations to gate repairs.

Can you supply swinging and sliding electric gates?
Yes, we provide driveway gates in both swinging and sliding designs. By offering both styles, we ensure that your electric gates perfectly suit the terrain and surroundings of your property.

Do you provide bespoke wooden gates?
Yes, we do. While we provide standard timber gates, our bespoke options offer the perfect opportunity to stamp a personal touch on your Cranleigh property.

As with any of our electric gates, the wooden gates we supply and fit come in sliding and swinging varieties. During the design phase, our experienced personnel work in close conjunction with you to deliver your vision, all while complying with HSE legislation.

Be it the protection of trapping and crushing areas or factoring in necessary wind-resistance measures, we produce gate automation systems that look fantastic and perform to optimal standards for years to come.

Do you carry out gate repairs and servicing?
Yes, we provide comprehensive gate repairs and servicing options for gate automation systems. While repairs come on a case-by-case basis, all of which we handle, you can book servicing of driveway gates at your convenience.

The servicing of electric gates typically includes:

• A risk assessment in compliance with current HSE legislation
• Inspection of electrical boxes and resealing where necessary
• Test and lubrication of manual release mechanisms
• Cleaning and lubrication of gate pivots and motors
• Checks on the alignment of the gate and hinges
• Changing the batteries of battery-powered components
• Tests on the electrical safety of gate automation
• Complete testing of all gate safety features

We flag any necessary gate repairs found during servicing. We provide a no-obligation quotation for these repairs, but always advise against putting off small issues before they become big problems. From wooden gates to metallic driveway gates, all our installations in Cranleigh and across the South East come with a 12-month guarantee.

Our security gates, barriers and bollards provide an array of benefits for commercial and industrial properties, including:

• Visually imposing gates create a physical deterrent. This significantly reduces the likelihood of trespassers, vandals and criminals trying to gain access to your site
• When implemented as a system, security barriers, gates and bollards allow you to rely less on manned patrols. This can help to lower long-term costs
• With access control features tailored to your needs, you have complete control. This means you and your personnel can work with peace of mind
• With a much lower risk of vandalism and burglary, your security features provide a great return on their initial investment

Call 01483 379 954 to discuss our gate automation services. From electric gates to security barriers, we cover your every need in Cranleigh and the surrounding areas.