Gate Automation in Oxshott | Security Barriers & Bollards | Which Style is Right for Your Property?

Electric gates are a great addition to domestic and commercial properties, increasing security and visual appeal, among other benefits. To get the most from gate automation systems, it is important to choose the right style for your needs. Driveway gates come in a variety of design options, including sliding and wooden gates. The most suitable style for your property in Oxshott will depend on a number of factors, which we discuss below.

As well as installation services, we provide high-quality gate repairs to keep systems in perfect condition. This means you don’t have to worry about maintenance requirements when investing in electric gates.

Harrier Gates also provides a wide range of security gates, barriers and bollards. These installations are regular features at workplaces and public spaces, from town centre car parks to industrial warehouses. Finding the right style holds equal importance in these settings as they impact on income, customer satisfaction and overall reputation.

If site security is your primary concern, security bollards and gates will likely make the ideal solution. Gates act as a physical deterrent and block entire access points. Bollards, on the other hand, protect against raids and ramming incidents. In short, both features offer an unrivalled ability to prevent unauthorised access.

If your site requires less emphasis on security and more on efficient traffic flow through entrances and exits, we recommend security barriers. With a fast, slick operation, your barrier still prevents free access, but allows vehicles to enter with minimal delay.

How to Find the Right Style for Your Automated Gate

If you are wondering how to make the right choice for your Oxshott property, here are some key points to consider when making the switch to gate automation:

The amount of space available is vital in determining the most suitable driveway gates for your project. The width of the space which metal and wooden gates need to cover dictates a number of features, such as style and material.

Larger and heavier gates need stronger automation equipment to ensure installations meet requirements. Regular servicing from our experienced team is the best way to keep gates in top condition. If necessary, we carry out professional gate repairs across Oxshott.

Supplying and installing both swinging and sliding gate automation systems in a range of materials, including wooden gates, we have the ideal style for every property. These include ornate driveway gates, robust security gates and everything in between.

Sliding Electric Gates
Where space is limited, customers benefit from sliding styles, as do properties in high-traffic areas. Sliding gates are a popular choice for commercial applications because they maximise space whilst ensuring easy access for vehicles of all sizes.

An important factor to consider is that you will need enough space for the sliding part of the gate, generally affixed to an adjacent wall, whilst allowing a big enough gap for vehicles to pass through.

Swing Gates
In the same way as traditional gates, these swing either inwards towards your Oxshott property or, less commonly, outwards. The main requirement for driveway gates in this style is that there is enough room for them to open without causing an obstruction or safety risk.

Swing gates offer a more traditional feel, making them popular with homeowners and commercial customers.

Whichever style you choose for your Oxshott property, we offer professional gate repairs and maintenance to optimise performance long into the future.

Although the practical elements of electric gates are hugely important in determining the best option for your property, design aspects are also an important consideration.

You want your new gate automation system to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your property for maximum effect. With a variety of designs available, including galvanised steel and wooden gates, we find the perfect solution for your home or business.

Our time-served team understands the unique needs of the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. If you own a business premises, or have responsibility for a public space, we work closely with you to ensure your security gates, barriers or bollards are fit for purpose.

When you have to choose between security barriers and gates, the decision often comes down to two factors: your type of user and traffic intensity.

For multiple, frequent users, we recommend low-voltage barriers that allow for rapid, repeated opening and closing. This is great for customer satisfaction in shopping centres, hotels, sports centres and more.

If your site sees fewer vehicles coming and going, security gates and bollards will likely suffice. They maintain security while allowing staff and deliveries access as required.

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