Security Gates in Weybridge | Types of Access Control Systems for Driveway Gates

At Harrier Gates, we understand that security and peace of mind remain the most appealing aspects of having driveway gates installed. Whether it’s decorative wooden gates at a private home in Weybridge or metallic electric gates at a nearby commercial premises, our installations optimise access control. However, in order to allow access, we need to fit a control system with the most convenience for you. As specialists in gate automation and gate repairs, we integrate a selection of access control systems to suit any requirement.

Have you been considering options for gate automation at your property? Below, we have listed some of the most popular systems for access control.

To discuss anything from security features to our range of metallic and wooden gates, please contact us. From new driveway gates to gate repairs, we always remain on hand for our customers.

Harrier Gates operates across all sectors. In addition to our expertise with domestic contracts, we also install security and access control features at commercial and industrial properties. This includes the supply and fitting of security gates, barriers and bollards.

Be it a parking facility, school or office complex, your installation will have its own unique needs.

Do you want a robust deterrent as well as complete control of a secure access point? Our security gates deliver uncompromising results.

Or do you need to control and monitor vehicular access into your site with less emphasis on all-round security? Look no further than our security barriers and retractable bollards.

Gate Automation | Access Control Systems

Wired Intercoms
As the name suggests, the wired systems we install at Weybridge properties connect to each other via a wire. This wire runs from the intercom handset in the home or workplace to the call module mounted by the electric gates.

Inside the property, we lay wiring relatively easily, ensuring a neat and tidy finish. Outside, however, we must lay the wires underground inside armoured trunking or within a conduit along external walls. This approach protects wiring against damage that may disable the access system, keeping your driveway gates safe and secure.

Needless to say, if any damage does occur, our team carries out the necessary gate repairs.

Radio Intercoms
These access systems communicate in much the same way as the transmitters and receivers that open and close our metallic and wooden gates. When used, the voice and video data, as well as the control signals, transmit across specific radio frequencies.

As long as you avoid interference, this method of access control provides highly effective results for your driveway gates. With a clear space free of buildings, bushes and trees, DECT radio systems have a range of up to 300m to 400m. This makes them a great choice for gate automation systems and electric gates on larger properties in the Weybridge area.

Wi-Fi Intercom Systems
Like any specialists in automated gates and gate repairs, we always look to embrace new, proven technology. Wi-Fi systems represent exactly that. While we tend to utilise an existing Wi-Fi network, we can set up new networks solely for intercom communication. In areas where the house sits at a distance from the driveway gates, wi-fi boosters help to maintain a strong signal. However, in simple terms, if the Wi-Fi signal drops out or fails, your intercom system for your metallic or wooden gates will not work.

When connected to the nearest router, these systems usually have the capability to connect to the internet. This allows communication and gate control via an app from any location in the world.

Naturally, these gate automation options all have advantages and disadvantages unique to your own electric gates. To discuss the best option for your Weybridge property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Upgrading security and efficiency at your property’s access points delivers an array of benefits.

• Greater Control – With the appropriate access control systems (such as an intercom), security gates significantly improve security while offering unmatched ease of use
• Vehicle Restriction – Security barriers and bollards allow you to control vehicular access to your site without any impact on pedestrian traffic. This means your staff can come and go freely while visitors adhere to your arrival process
• Return on Investment – If you have a valuable inventory, imposing, effective security helps to protect it. In short, when you keep trespassers out, the less likely you are to pay out for replacement equipment
• Aesthetic Appeal – While robust security is great, you don’t need to sacrifice visual appeal. You can still impress visitors and passers-by with decorative, ornate gate designs

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